Semi Open Low Budget Perfection

Easily my favorite Sub $50 headphones, with much more than you'd expect. The stylishly retro Kiss PortaPro has wonderful sound considering it's price!

A quick Mini Review for now, look forward to an updated and revamped review in the future! 

Koss Porta Pro Review

Reviewed with

Win 7 96khz Sample Out -> Foobar -> Indeed G3 -> Cans

Reviewed with no software or hardware eq, comparisions made against my Dt 880 Pro 250  

Also Note the Impedance of the Koss Porta  Pro is lower than the Dt 880 so the Volume is adjusted for each

Build 1/5
Please do NOT BREAK these... they are fragile!

Tsurugri no Mai-Nujabes (1)
Hey Who Really Cares- Linda Perhacs (2)
Sacrifice Part 3- Hiroki Kikuta  (3)
Sugame No Uo- Toshio Masuda (4)
Backwards-Skream (5)
Outnumbered-London Elektricity (6)
Bags' Groove-The Modern Jazz Quartet (7)

Sound [4/5]

The Highs are some what lacking for sure, but it more than makes up for it with great bass, and nice mids! Does good with most anything you can throw at it, compared so something like a Sony ZX 300, a more balanced Sound Signature! Good focus on details as well as the edgier sound when you want it as well.

Highs- 3/5 Not bad. Slightly sibilant
Mids- 4/5 Slighty Forward, still nice sound. Good Warmth
Bass-  5/5 wow they are so SMALL but they really have some BASS

JDS Labs The Element

iFi Audio iCan SE