The Review Process

To my readers I'm sure some of you wonder how I review, just as a quick reference I'll post some basics I may not have shared before 

My Beyerdynamic Dt 880 is my one and only reference can, past reviews have featured a used of multiple cans, but seeing as I own the Dt 880 again [I had it in the past] it is my standard. That said the review of it will not be compared again'st any other headphone. In addition the Beyer Dt 880 is currently the most, balanced and detailed can that I own! Making it really a true reference headphone! 

In addition here is a picture of the Eq that I use in FooBar, and while I try to avoid using Eq's I do find that the fun of EDM is the color we add to it! Also pictured is the spectrual analyzer that I use when I listen to music, the Spectrum graph helps pin point sound to their respective frequencies, like a cheat sheet to help my ears ;3 

Additionally,  I take pictures with my Samsung Galaxy Exhibt 2, which hopefully will soon be replaced. So that you all can enjoy some higher quality photos!

The song's I listen to are also songs that I have enjoyed for many years, so I take note to have a copy of those songs with my no matter where I am, I even listen to [the same 7 seven songs] as I drive around, My old song list was comprised of about 10, but I've then thinned it down to 7.

Last, I would love to hear some suggestions from you guys! I'm always open to a little change in how I type up my reviews.

Lastly I write and edit my reviews in Microsoft Office Word 2010, I keep them saved as hard drive as well as in the cloud!

As always thank you guys for reading, and look forward to the start of my Video Reviews soon!

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