Audio Technica AD2000x

Audio Technica AD 2000xX

Big thanks to Head Fi Member Asr for allowing me to give these a listen! I already own a DT 880 that I enjoy for at home listening; non the less it’s great to hear the high end Model for Audio Technica’s AD Series!

Pros: Organic and lush sound. Fantastic highs
Cons : Lack luster bass, 

Build [4/5]
Feels sturdy, I again miss the wing system that’s implemented on my W1000x, but the  quality is top notch. The metal head band has a nice snap to it. Overall a well built headphone. Sadly though, after a few hours the AD2000x began to clamp a little to tightly against my ears. They began to get uncomfortable after a while. 

The box was very nice, a simple design though. A lot less… showy than some of the lower priced headphones I’ve gotten. Non the less, simplicity is always a plus!

Type Dynamic Open Back
Driver Diameter 53mm
Frequency Response 5-45,000
Maximum Input Power 2W [2,000 mW]
Sensitivity 103dB m/W
Impedance 40
Weight 265g
Cable 3.0m
Connector Detachable 1/4”

Ease of Use [Comfort/Fit/Isolation] [5/5]
Very comfortable, as an open back headphone they do not isolate. With regards to the fit, they do fit nicer than the AD 900X, which had a tendency to slide around me head a little. These have a touch more clamp and fit very nicely.

Price to Performance : [3.78/5]

Sonic Test Process

Source Win 7[Foobar2000 WASAPI] -> AudioGD NFB 10ES2]

Headphone reference notes- I like to demo all headphones against my Balanced Beyerdynamic Dt 880, as they are a well know reference can.  Reference notes will always be in italics, and are included in the Video Reviews and Head Fi review posts.

          Sound Signature- Smooth and relaxed sound. Good clarity and sense of depth and space! 

Dynamics- Tight and transient. 
Timbre- Natural, with a   slight colored warmth. 
Speed-  Quick, good sense of speed, very enjoyable with quick paced music. 
          Sound Stage: Nice width and depth, depth slightly veiled by forward mids. 

Highs-  Spectacular, nice sense of energy and detail. Neither forward nor recessed. Very natural timbre! 
Mids- Slightly forward, with very organic body. The mids also have a great detail retention and speed! 
Bass- While the bass like the mids, have a great organic body. Yet I find it lacking in deatil, the speed is good but again... it lacks a sense of tightness. 

Compared to the DT 880, I felt the AD2000x really failed with the bass. It was too relaxed... not overly forward or exaggerated but just to organic for me. I prefer'd the drier tighter more aggressive bass on the AD900X 

While is was not my preferred sound signature, aside from the bass, I really enjoyed the AD2000x. It has great mids, and a very nice spacial presentation. Additionally, the organic sound is complimented by wonderful details and a nice spacious sound.   

Amplification Need or Suggested – I enjoyed the AD2000X with my Audio GD Amp. When used with my HM801 I noticed a similar amount of detail as well, although I did prefer the AD 2000x with a very clean and lean amp! 

Metallica [Master Of Puppets] Welcome Home (Sanitarium) {16bit 44100hrz sample}

The AD2000x is very awesome with metal. Again nice snap on the highs, and the forward nature of the mids combined with the speed results in a very taught and tactile guitar riff!

Speed-. Sufficiently quick!
Highs-  Starting to sound a tad recessed, yet smooth with a nice edge on them. As well a nice air.
Mids-  The shining star here,  good tactility on the guitars and vocals!
Bass-  Sufficient, pretty middle of the road presentation in this track.

I do like the DT 880 presentation here, there’s an equal amount of tactility to the mids, but with more crunch and edge on the guitars. In addition the bass has a nicer body and a little more impact on the DT 880.  The drier sounding DT 880 suits this metal track a little more nicely in my opinion.

Matisyahu- [Live At Stubb’s]- Exaltation
          Live Reggae –listening for the little bits of extra noise that are often present in live music [detail retention]

I enjoy the presentation; mids are slightly forward so the guitars stand out nicely. Bass response is good as well, taught and punchy with plenty of body and good decay.  Vocals have a nice body as well, and the drums have a nice snap to them. Although the drums do from time to time feel a little drowned out, although ironically the high hats are excellent, smooth, airy and with a great attack.

Highs-  The highs have are excellent, great energy and nice air.
Mids- Slightly forward, vocals take center stage with the guitar fleshing out nicely behind the vocals.
Bass- Very taught, with a nice touch of organic body and good decay.

Compared to the DT 880 is a little un fair, the balanced DT 880 has better mirco details, and an overall balanced sound. Still mirco details aside. Both headphones show a nice level of clarity, with different presentations. The DT 880s has a drier sound, with the AD2000X a little more organic. 

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