The Mid Fi King of Mod Backs an the Jester

Curious about how the new TH X00 compares to a fully Modded Denon LA D5K?

In Short, at a cost of around $800 for the full Lawton Audio Package, the LA D5k is worthy of it's price tag, an stands toe to toe with my own modded W1000X.  Though you'll pay a hefty premium for a New In Box AH D5000, if you can even find one for sale. An 9/10 what ever you do find has already aged more than a few years now,

Though at almost half the price an not even a year old, the TH X00 with Mr Speakers Alpha Pads, is easily one of the best purchases you'll make! In my own home rig I found the TH X00 to be an amazing sounding headphone! 

While on one hand, the LA D5k an W1000X Mod have a better overall quality, both are extremely picky about their sources, an seeing as each is now discounted and more than a few years old. They are very hard to come by, so what Fostex has done with the Th X00 is brought a fresh new face to the table! One that offers a phenomenal quality of sound, without the hassle or investment of hunting down two classic heavy weights.

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