Beyerdynamic Shoot Out [880 vs 990] Quick OverView

Inversion is a nice way to look at the Beyers, this powerful combo of the Fully Open Baced Dt 990 and Semi Open Dt 880 will literally turn your whole music experience inside out! Revealing details you may not have heard before, giving you as it where a whole new way to listen to and enjoy your music! 

My new Beyer Dt 880 Premium 600 ohm [Re-cabled] is here, to start off this exciting week, a quick mini review on the differences between the two headphones! 

The weighty mids of the Dt 990 and it's increased sound stage and clarity are nice for Classical , but the bass really takes away from vocals and guitars in reggae and jazz. The Dt 880 on the other hand having a touch less bass, allows the bass, drums, vocals and guitars to be enjoyed all together. Making it ideal for Jazz and Reggae. 

Nu Jazz songs, or songs with both Classical Jazz and Electronica elements, perform equally well on both cans! An example of one such song is posted below.

JDS Labs The Element

iFi Audio iCan SE