Sony ZX 300

One of the most common headphones I see are the Sony ZX100/300 respectivly. I picked up the higher end model to see what one of Sony's most popular headphones had to offer! It should be noted, that at Wal Mart, these are the best looking and most inexpensive set of Headphones to choose from, so it's popularity is not hard to grasp! 

Sony MDR ZX300

Source Win 7[Foobar2000 WASAPI] -> oDac -> MonoPrice Premium Coaxial Cables -> Matrix M Stage [0 db Gain Lme 49990 OpAmp]

Compared against modified Audio Technica w1000x

Obviously there's not much comparing a $30 can to one that's upwards of $600. Non the less, I started out on a headphone very similar to this one! Same driver size and a Sony Headphone! I see dozens of users wearing each day, so I thought it high time we give them a review! Bring out some of the real positives in this Low Budget can! The path to Hi Fi audio is best started with something as simple and yet fun as these!

Build [5/5]

Good build considering the price, although I wouldn't recommend stepping on it! The look of the can is stunning. Mine came in a Rouge Red color, the finish is very nice. The plastic seems flexible, and the headphone as a whole is very low key! Nothing cumbersome about the build at all! And the fit is easy and seamless. Compared to the w1000x [which is very cumbersome] these are wonderfully easy to use!

Sound Signature and Character [3.9/5]

            Sound Stage:  Very intimate! Bass has nice depth.
            Sound Signature- Darker, intimate sound stage. Focus on the mids!
                        A good sound signature for rock and Dub Step, a small and aggressive presentation that captures plenty of emotion. Not so focused on the minor details, but a great blend of elements for a nice aggressive all-arounder! 

Sound [3.5/5]

Treble [3/5]- A darker Treble can, the highs retain some detail and energy. Never truly lost in presentation but not always the focus when they need to be. Still for tracks that are heavy with sweet highs, they won't be missed or non existent. And best of all, no worries about sibilance!

Mids [4/5]- Very forward an intimate mids, vocals can be tricky. Simpler vocal tracks will be great, where as deeper more complex Vocalists might loose a little warmth and feeling. Guitars have a nice energy to them, smooth when it should be and rough when you want it to be!

Bass [3.5/5] -Fantastic for some genres, horrible for others. A edge aggressive presentation. Presentation is toned down when songs call for it, which leaves it a little lack luster but well placed  Where as songs that a are tuned more for rough edgy bass will sound much better! Not the best for more organic bass, but great for a synthesized sound!   

JDS Labs The Element

iFi Audio iCan SE