Beyerdynamic Dt 880 Review

Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 600ohm (With ZXAC Fully Balanced Recable) [$235 Used]

Personal Back-Story  

I recently re-purchased my Beyerydanmic Dt 880’s back! And this time I made the upgrade to the 600 ohm variant.

Pros: Airy sound, delicate mids, speed, sense of openness, sound stage and layering. Timbre

Cons : no isolation,  bright [I like bright cans but some don’t] lacks intimacy, bass for some may not be heavy enough

Build [5/5]

Classic Beyerdynamic Build quality, although these are a tad more fragile than my pro series headphones, the adjustment device is located outside of the head band, as opposed to the pro series which feature the extension mechanism within the head band. In addition the head band itself is not as well padded. The headphones are very well built and comfy like the pro series.

Very Sturdy

Semi-Open  Back Dynamic Operating Principle
600 Ohm Impedance
96 db Sensitivity
5 - 35,000k response

Ease of Use [Comfort/Fit/Isolation] [4.5/5]
Simple and to the point, extend the head band and slap em on! There is no isolation due to the semi open back design, and the fit is very simple and straight forward. Despite being the Premium Model, it’s almost as comfy at the Dt 990 Pro, yet the DT 990 Pro is still my most comfortable headphone!

Price to Performance : [5/5]
          Top notch, versatile enough to handle any genre, and tough as nails.

Sonic Test Process

Source Win 7[Foobar2000 WASAPI] -> oDac -> MonoPrice Premium Coaxial Cables -> Matrix M Stage [Lme 49990 OpAmp]

           In addition, I always like details  presented in all frequances
Highs- looking for and evaluating air, nice extension and good energy and placement within sound stage
Mids- looking for and considering weight, body and tone
Bass- listening for, control, texture and punch/impact

          Sound Stage- reported after listening to all tracks
          Imaging –Track #3 and #4 are well mastered for 2D and 3D imaging
          Instrument Layering-reported after listening to all tracks
          Timbre- realism of sound, fun versus real
          Speed- ability to retain mirco-details  in ultra fast tonal shifts

          Sound Signature- Very clean, a slight tilt towards the upper mids and treble, although the headphone features a lower mid resonance which adds a nice touch of body to the lower mids and upper bass.  The headphone is also very quick, and light on its’ feet.  Over all an incredibly balanced and airy sound, filled with many details and excellent 2D and 3D sound stage.  Brighter than neutral

Dynamics- quick and effortless
Timbre- very real,  mids are life like, treble how ever may be slightly brighter than natural but is not fake or exaggerated
Speed- very quick, shows quickness with all genres

          Sound Stage:  A  wide sound stage, great instrument separation, and good 3D  and 2D placement of instruments.

Amplification Need or Suggested –for the Beyerdynamic Dt 880 Premium an amp is required, as a 600 ohm headphone it requires an amp with a large voltage swing, OTL tubes pair nicely with the  Dt 880 600 Ohm 

 Highs- airy with a touch of bright sweetness, great energy. Brighter than neutral

Mids- very real, a delicate sense of weight, good timbre tone and body. Not intimate 

Bass- VERY deep and tight, great impact and solidity. Too lean for EDM without eq 

In addition comparative notes will be in italics and only included in the full Head Fi review and mentioned in the Video Reviews.

Recommend Genre ; Jazz 

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