Logitech UE 6000

A Head-Fi member recently asked me what I thought about these headphones, and so seeing as he was intently interested in them I decided to purchase them and give them a listen first hand! There are known to be very bass friendly as well.

I have found with the Active Noise Cancelling Circuit On, the UE 6000 has a better sound quality… quiete literally everything “opens up” as compared to the sluggish and muffled sound of the UE 6000 with the ACN Off.  Comparisons will be made against my w1000x. 

Pros:  Easy to Drive,  adjustable sound 
Cons : needs batteries, active noise cancellation lack luster 

Build [5/5]

I love the build quality on these, very sturdy. Nice metal hinges for the folding mechanism in addition to  a very nice sturdy feel to the entire headphone. The ear and Head pads are nice and comfy!

Metal Hinges
Presentation [5/5]

I love the looks of the headphone! And the packaging was excellent! These came in two boxes!

The first box is simply the product display.

The second a very classy smaller Black Box with UE in silver Ink.

Inside the smaller simple black box, was the headphone in a small UE Mesh Carrying case.

Type - Around the Ear
Driver Diameter- 40mm
Frequency Response- 20-20k
Maximum Input Power Un specified
Sensitivity 97 db Spl
Impedance 50ohm
Weight Un Specified [But very light imo]
Cable ~2m
Connector 3.5mm

Ease of Use [Comfort/Fit/Isolation] [4/5]
They look great, and are very comfy. The passive isolation was… rather sub par. Very easy to use non the less, despite being “around the ear” they do fit over and or around my ears very easily! Additionally, as mentioned before they are very comfortable!  How ever, after about 4-5 hours these start to hurt my ears a little. 

Price to Performance : [5/5]
For the price, the Logitech UE 6000 offers an awesome sound for a great price! It's best feature is the on board amplifier, which allows the UE 6000 to offer 2 different sound signitures! Fun when you want it, and balanced when you need it! 

Complimentary Genre:  Works well with most!

Sound [4/5]

The UE 6000 offers a complimentary sound signatures  with the ACN off. You get a smooth balanced sound. Nice details and a good sense space. Additionally, with the ACN on, the sound changes to a more V shaped. The detail retrieval is a little better with the ACN on due to a slight increase in the treble. Either way, the UE 6000 offers a great sound, regardless of the ACN the sound stage has a nice sense of width and depth. 

However, the one draw back of the UE 6000 is that is does not scale well with more expensive audio gear. I tested it with both my on board PC dac, and my fully balanced Audio GD NFB 10ES2. With each the detail retrieval and sound stage where very similar  I didn't notice much of a difference! Again, in my opinion, this is due to the use of the on board amplifier! 

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