Alessandro Music Series MS1i [Black Walnut Cups]

Big thanks to JoeDoe of Head-Fi as he performed the cup installation as well as the swapping out the headband. Price for a stock Alessandro MS1i is $109

 Now the headphones themselves have been outfitted with an Auvio Headband. Which offers a slightly more durability than the stock Grado Headband.  

It has a nice construction, very light weight has a good feel in the hand. It also have a comfortable head band and a sturdy feel to it's hinges. 

My only fault with the Auvio Headband is it doesn't feature to much left or right cup rotation, which with an open back headphone isn't a huge issue, though it does affect the sound stage a small bit.

The drive and housing assembly are unique to this headphone as well, the cups are made from American Black Walnut and the drivers are suspend within them. 

A unique feature of the drivers though is the small white pad that sits in front of them, while it certainly has some sonic benefits unknown to me, I can say it does improve the comfort of the headphone.  

In addition to comfort, the headphones placement is pretty simple. Dead center on your ears for the best sound, slightly different from the Senn Grado I reviewed early this month! 

Sound Summarized The MS1i-W has a smooth and mellow

 presentation, it brings the right

 amount of brightness when needed for metal and other very 

metallic  instruments, the bass has 

good body and the overall presentation is airy though a tad

 laid back. All in All if you enjoy a

 fairly smooth presentation or are new to the hobby. This 

would  be a can I could recommend! 

 I'd say in the $100 range this can does well, it's got a nice 

presentation a good sense of 

separation and is just pleasant to listen to without being 

overly smoothed out or just plain  boring.          

As always check out the full article at Head Fi for song by song impressions! 

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